The JohnstonsBill and Sharon Johnston

are currently working with one of the most exciting, growing, enthusiastic churches in Africa! The Malawi Assemblies of God has grown from 190 churches in 1990 to over 3000 today. And their goal for this year is that every church start a church and see one student trained for ministry. That is where we come in! We must provide the venue for the training. Malawi does have a great residence school, but there is no way the residence school can cater for the needs of the church, we must have a delivery system to reach the people where they live. The Assembly of God Extension School is that system. We are working to establish schools across the country where people with a call can be trained and prepared for ministry. Currently we have  37 centers around the country and we are working to open many more in the coming year.

It is exciting to serve a living God, who still directs
His people and is not willing that even one be lost!